Magical Edit

Magical Edits

Magical Edit

A Magical Edit is a design that has been created specifically for a certain theme.  A Magical Edit is unique to Magical Edits.  Nycole creates a Magical edit for each and everyone of her clients with an attention to detail and specialized skill set.   

See what some of her customers are saying: 

"This rainbow edit is my favorite picture that Nycole has done for me. 
This photo is very dear to me because it represents my rainbow babies.  My daughter who I was able to have after 3 miscarriages and my son who we adopted I had a miscarriage before adopting him.  I consider them both my rainbow babies.  This picture just amazes me..... a rainbow baby is a baby born after a storm (a loss, miscarriage, etc) and that is exactly what this picture shows.  

Nycole does amazing work. I love all of her edits but this one is just so precious to me because of the story behind it. 
Thank you Nycole for all you do.  You are amazing.   I love to see what you can design and make come to life.  You are so magical. 

I highly recommend her and tell everyone about her. " 
Jennifer Burgess