Magical Edits


Welcome to Magical Edits! 

My name is Nycole and I'm a graphic designer and digital photoshop artist. Mother of four, I decided to take my background in web and graphic design and turn it into a full time business when my oldest daughter became sick 5 years ago. I specialize in creating one of a kind pictures.  A child's imagination is a wonderous place and I help bring it to life.  

The pictures you see on my site are the edits I'm currently taking. The pictures may change weekly.  Please note. I currently only take 20 to 25 pictures a week for non-photographers. Part of what I do is offering photographers all around the world the ability to provide a Magic edit in their packages. If you need a photographer recommendation send me a message with your state.  

If there is something you don't see on my site check out my facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/magicaledits/ or send me a message and I can help show you some examples or set you on my list for a custom edit. 

[email protected]